We believe travel is all about the experience. At Exquisite Experiences we are more than just travel advisors. We really care about the experiences you have. Here are five reasons why it pays to let us plan your luxury travel break:

Authentic travel experiences

When you dream of the perfect holiday you want the most authentic experience possible. Exquisite Experiences deliver completely authentic holidays based on local knowledge and an understanding of what you need and want. We will make sure you see not only the very best locations but also take you off the beaten track to discover hidden gems that the average tourist misses. It’s just about engaging with the local people and truly experiencing their culture.

You might like to meet and learn from a professional flour miller who works in a windmill in a local village which is off the tourist map. Contact us to include this in your itinerary.

Fulfilling your holiday dream

We want you to have the holiday of a lifetime. We won’t just get you to tick a box, we listen to what you want and then give you all the options. If you have any personal interests or a desire to visit a specific place we will make sure we plan your break around them.

Finding somewhere exclusive

We know you often just want to leave the crowds behind so we’ll take you to the best places in the Benelux where the crowds are scarcest. We’ll seek out tranquil hideaways or if you’re looking for somewhere exclusive in one of our vibrant cities, we know where those are too!

Contact us to find out more.

Trouble-free luxury holidays

One of the best things about a holiday is the anticipation. But along with it comes the stress of arranging all the details. Off-the-shelf holidays give you a package but it’s always the same package and canned entertainment as everyone else. At Exquisite Experiences we make all the arrangements so you get your ideal holiday. Our service is always cost-effective, reliable and trouble free.

We are on hand 24 hours a day and just a phone call away.

Expert and impartial holiday advice

We have all been recommended a holiday destination by a friend. Sometimes their advice is spot on, other times way off the mark. At Exquisite Experiences we use years of travel knowledge to give friendly, impartial, independent holiday advice. We let your own experiential preferences guide us, not somebody else’s. We will always give you unbiased, up to date travel advice.