Making plans for the perfect holiday takes a very personal touch. So we make sure we get to know you before we plan your holiday. Starting with a consultation we’ll find out your likes and dislikes, your ideal places and interests. We’ll give you recommendations and then draw up a tailor-made holiday for you to approve. We look after every aspect of your journey from start to finish.

How we fulfill your travel dream

Step 1
Initial consultation is all about getting a flavour of the things you like and the places that interest you. This is when you can tell us whether your priority is delving into history, water management or tasting the finest food and wine. Perhaps all three!

Step 2
As soon as you have given us an idea of your interests we will fill in the details. We like to do our consultation in-detail. So, if you would love to visit a specific place this is the time to tell us tell us whether you would like to visit the WWI and WWII battlefields of France and Belgium, hire a personal shopper in Antwerp or visit a local Dutch farm.

Step 3
The next stage is to decide your itinerary framework and fill in the detail. This is when you work out the perfect order for your travel experiences. You can decide whether your VIP private plane excursion comes first or your exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ tour of a local museum.

Step 4
You have told us your wishes now it’s time to make your bookings. We draw up your final itinerary and ask you for the deposit. Your deposit will reserve your place at the finest hotels and secure the best travel options. It also guarantees the services of our expert local guides

Step 5
Everything’s booked and you are starting to plan your holiday wardrobe. Only when everything is in place will we send you an invoice for the final balance. Bon voyage!