The Netherlands

The Netherlands is bordered by Germany to the east, the North Sea to the west and north then Belgium to the south

Many who visit this country travel to see gorgeous Amsterdam’s famous sights and imagine everything outside Amsterdam is flat countryside with quaint windmills, cows, cheese factories and in spring fields of tulips. There is actually nothing flat about the Netherlands except its countryside – which incidentally makes it absolutely delightful for bicycling and a great way to explore.

Much of the north and west of the country lies below sea-level. But the land has been increased by up to one fifth, due to a system of water drainage dating back to medieval times; using dikes (levees), canals, locks and windmill powered pumps.

Day trips from Amsterdam can bring you the most amazing sights and if you venture further afield you will be well rewarded.

You will be surprised to discover the many other activities the Netherlands offers, numerous attractions, historical estates, majestic museums, sandy coastlines and around 20 national parks whose beautiful landscapes offer a stunning amount of flora and fauna.

The Netherlands is a world leader in the field of art and culture with an impressive collection of outstanding museums on all subjects and was in fact home to some of the world’s greatest painters such as Rembrandt, Frans Halls, Jan Steen, Vermeer and Van Gogh most of whose works are on display.

The Dutch are practical, open minded creative and very welcoming hosts. The Netherlands small size, warm welcoming people and unique sights in combination with possible amazing experiences makes it a fabulous place to vacation.


Europe’s Capital and home to the European Parliament and several UNESCO world heritage sites lies in the heart of Europe consists of 67 kilometers of seacoast along the North Sea a central plateau and extensive forests and rolling hills to the south East. It is bordered by France, Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

Belgium has a rich and gorgeous heritage with a number of enchanting historic cities full of medieval architecture and well known for arts, fashion and gourmet fare. It offers visitors a rich cultural experience with over 85 different kinds of museums. covering topics from art nouveau to history and comic strips to science in Brussels alone and has hundreds of festivals, pageants and bizarre carnivals throughout the year. It’s a charming country to visit.

As Belgians know how to enjoy life to the full Belgium is without doubt a real gastronomic paradise where you can have a fabulous meal in any city or town. A speciality is mussels and frites (chips) which are supposed to have been invented there, but each region has its own specialty such as the beef beer stew Carbonade Flamandes of flanders, Liège’s boudin sausage or Salade Liégeoise, smooth Ardennes pâté and the creamy waterzooi stews of Ghent.. Not to be forgotten are the over 1000 brands of beer and the Belgian chocolates which are appreciated the world over.

The Belgian countryside offers Castles, Caves, Grottos, National parks with a multitude of possible outdoor activities. On a more sober note as some of the worst fighting of both World Wars took place on Belgian territory, there are lot of memorials, museums , military cemeteries and battle sites.