If you are looking for a special holiday, Exquisite Experiences will arrange every detail. We can open up a world of possibilities.

When we say that we can tailor the perfect holiday for you we really mean it. We have the knowledge and connections to organise anything that is possible in our area. We will tailor your holiday by getting to know your desires and helping you to fulfill them. Our service is completely flexible and benefits from an unlimited resourcefulness and imagination.

An outstanding bespoke travel service

All you need to do is let us know your budget and preferences then we’ll add the details to make it extra special.

We can arrange private encounters with art historians and cooking classes in world-renowned restaurants. We can set up special interviews with local journalists, high flyers and sports personalities. We can even introduce you to artists and schedule visits to unique art studios.

Finding the right special interest trip for you is always our goal. Every experience can come with expert guides in history and culture, architecture, wildlife, photography or water management. Dutch agriculturists are world famous, processing industries of various kinds produce high quality products and anyone interested in agriculture in its widest sense may improve his/her knowledge while visiting here. We aim to give you authentic local experiences.

Whatever your interests, there’s an exquisite travel experience waiting for you.