The historical city of Delft is linked with Dutch royalty and is also the hometown of the famous painter Johannes Vermeer although it is rather more well-known for its Delft Blue earthenware. A remarkable place to visit!

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Early morning catch the train from Amsterdam Central Station to Delft, where your private guide will meet you at the station

Start your walking tour of Delft and visit the Vermeer Centre, which offers you a voyage of discovery through the life, work and city of this 17th century master of light. Enjoy a coffee on the square before making your way to the market passing the statue of Hugo de Groot.

Take time out for lunch then continue to Royal Delft, the last remaining Delftware porcelain factory from the 17th century. The world famous Royal Delftware is still entirely hand-painted according to centuries-old tradition. You will learn the history of Royal Delft and Blue Delft ,visit the factory to see the production process and have the opportunity to watch a master painter at work.

At the end of the afternoon after a short walk to the station you return to Amsterdam by train.


  • Instead of public transport you may prefer a private chauffeur driven car.
  • A specialist guide can be provided at royal delft for a more in depth tour
  • While at Royal Delft you can join a workshop to decorate your own Royal Delft plate, tile or vase. Choose your theme and make the perfect souvenir.