Friesland is a lovely province known for its lakes, wide open spaces, tranquil beauty and for being one of the most sparsely populated areas in The Netherlands. The best way to experience this area is by boat; enjoy the choppy big lakes which are all interconnected by canals, the calm of the little creeks and pools, the beauty of nature, the delightful towns and villages and the unique Frisian atmosphere and culture.

Designed by Exquisite Experiences

You will be picked up in the morning and transported to Friesland, one of the Northern provinces in The Netherlands with its own unique language.

After a custom briefing you will board your yacht and learn to handle it yourself as a yacht master certificate is not required. You will however be required to take a 2 to 3 hour course specifically for those that do have some experience with a motor yacht or sailing yacht, but who want to refresh this knowledge. If you are a complete novice a 1 day course will be required.

You will be provided with suggested route options and tourist information on the area. There will be charts on board giving details of all the places at which you may moor overnight, these range from private fully equipped Marinas to public docks with limited facilities.

For one week you’ll navigate through the waterways gliding past the extensive meadows, the characteristic Frisian pedigree cattle, charming towns and picturesque villages; off the beaten track and free to come and go as you please. Anchor and explore the surroundings on foot or with the folding bikes provided on board. Visit the nearby attractions and towns where you will be sure to experience the friendly Frisian hospitality

This is a unique opportunity to discover this rural part of the country.