United by a love of travel

We know where to find the best experiences and locations so we are in a perfect position to give you invaluable insights into the Benelux countries and the most rewarding ways to see them.

Luxury travel is not just about visiting a place but about truly experiencing it.

Jackie Schouten

From Wales to West Africa and the Middle East to the Netherlands - Jackie Schouten’s personal journey has brought her into contact with many cultures. It was while attending school in Kuwait that she first saw what the world could offer.

There were more than 50 nationalities in the first school Jackie attended. Exposure to a United Nations of cultures fired an intense desire to learn about other countries. That led to a passion for travel and all the wonderful experiences that travel can bring.

Jackie has worked in the international travel and aviation industries for more than 30 years. She’s forged long-lasting relationships, reliable contacts and networks worldwide. For her the ultimate experience for travellers is to have a totally tailor-made itinerary designed around them. That’s why Exquisite Experiences came into being.

Jackie is passionate about the Benelux and loves the opportunity to arrange authentic experiences for visitors.

Marjolein van Zutphen

Marjolein va Zutphen

Marjolein was born and raised in the Netherlands. With a wealth of airline and agency experience she has been involved in the International travel and aviation Industry for over 25 years. Travel as well as being part of her job has become her passion and hobby.

Her own Benelux experiences began as a little girl touring with her parents then later by herself and with her own family. With a love for the Benelux organizing tailor made travel for others to experience the beauty and exclusivity of Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands is very fulfilling for Marjolein. She really enjoys learning people’s interests and motivations to travel, then takes pleasure in the challenge of making it possible for them to truly enjoy their Benelux Experience in the most exquisite way.

Sylvester Schouten

Experiencing new cultures and customs can be daunting as well as exciting. Sylvester Schouten’s journeys around the globe have taught him to embrace the unfamiliar. His affable, energetic nature is central to the success of many of our tours.

For Sylvester, travelling is all about exploring new countries and meeting new people. He really enjoys learning their customs, tasting their food and exchanging ideas and experiences. It’s the best way to really discover a place. During a lifetime of travel he’s seen much of Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and the Middle East. The people he’s met there – from business contacts to friends and acquaintances – have all added something special. There’s nothing he enjoys more than encouraging visitors to engage with the locals and truly experience their culture to get a true flavour of the Benelux..